In the face of a gasoline shortage, the DVLA is working to clear the backlog of HGV applications ‘as soon as practicable.’


In the face of a gasoline shortage, the DVLA is working to clear the backlog of HGV applications ‘as soon as practicable.’

The DVLA is working with the backlog of paper applications “as rapidly as can” as FUEL and HGV driver shortages persist.

Due to a paucity of HGV drivers, drivers across the country have recently experienced petrol and commodities shortages.

According to the Road Haulage Association, the United Kingdom today has a shortfall of almost 100,000 certified drivers.

Many theories have been proposed as to why the shortages exist, with Brexit, the coronavirus outbreak, and working conditions being among the most popular.

It was anticipated last week that roughly 54,000 paper applications had yet to be processed.

In the past year, the DVLA has faced its own challenges, with the pandemic having a significant impact on the licensing body.

They were only one of many victims of the ‘pingdemic,’ with hundreds of instances documented at its Swansea headquarters, as well as social isolation.

More recently, they’ve had to contend with labor unrest over working conditions.

Despite the difficulties, the DVLA has been aggressive in making it easier for HGV drivers to renew for a new license.

Renewal notices are provided to lorry drivers up to 56 days before their license expires.

Paper applications for lorry driving licenses may take longer due to the possibility of extra documentation, such as medical investigations.

“Once a driver has filed their driving licence application, they may be able to continue driving while we process it, providing they have not been warned not to drive by their doctor or optician,” a DVLA spokeswoman stated.

“Due to the impact of recent industrial action and social distancing regulations, there are delays in processing paper applications, which means we have fewer workers on site than usual.”

“We’re working on paper applications as soon as we can.”

“An ongoing plan to assist lorry drivers is to award one-year licenses to drivers aged 45 and above who do not have a D4 medical assessment and have not previously been issued a one-year license under the scheme.”

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“The DVLA employs almost 6,000 people in enabling jobs,” according to the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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