In a ‘important breakthrough,’ classic automobile owners may gain from new registration rules.


In a ‘important breakthrough,’ classic automobile owners may gain from new registration rules.

According to specialists at the DVLA, classic automobile owners may profit from new registration laws as a result of a new collaboration with industry experts.

Experts from the classic automobile sector would assist with registrations for restored classic vehicles under the new rules. Drivers who restore models must apply directly to the DVLA for a new registration or for the original to be re-allocated after their work is completed, according to current standards.

The DVLA, on the other hand, has stated that they would investigate whether they can work with industry experts to provide particular guidelines for historic car owners.

It comes after DVLA personnel stated that paper applications were suffering backlogs of six to ten weeks.

The news occurred after the DVLA spoke before the Transport Committee yesterday.

Ms Lennard was urged by Member Karl McCartney MP to react to allegations from the classic automobile industry that working with the DVLA was problematic.

Working with the DVLA, he added, was a “torturous procedure” characterized by “delays in communications, inaccuracies and contradictions, and questionable application of the laws.”

He advised that the DVLA consider collaborating with the industry in the future.

As an example, he cited the Civil Aviation Authority, which entrusts the Light Aircraft Association with assessing and considering the airworthiness of models.

Experts from the Historic and Classic Vehicles Association (HCVA) and the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club (FBHVC) had personnel on hand who were “specialists” in their field, according to Mr McCartney.

The DVLA’s chief executive, Julie Lennard, said vintage registrations were a “contentious subject” because of the “worth of the vehicles.”

“We have a lot of different user groups for extremely dedicated specific stakeholders,” she responded.

“I’d be delighted to revisit whether we need to do something special for the classic automobile industry and market.

“I’d be delighted to take that away.”

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The HCVA backed the action, calling the new idea a “major breakthrough.”

They claimed that dealing with registration delays for rebuilt automobiles had been a “long-running issue.”

Chiefs of the HCVA have now written to the DVLA, offering to meet to discuss how to move forward with a collaboration for the benefit of owners.

Malcolm Mckay is the spokesperson for the organization. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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