In a ‘exciting’ new promotion, Nectar cardholders may save 5p per litre on petrol and diesel.


In a ‘exciting’ new promotion, Nectar cardholders may save 5p per litre on petrol and diesel.

Due to a major new bargain, clients of SAINSBURY might save 5p on their fuel while filling up at petrol stations.

At selected Esso stations, drivers can exchange 300 Nectar Card points for a 5p per litre discount. The rebate is only valid for the first 60 litres, but it might help drivers save a lot of money at the pump.

Customers care about saving money, according to nectar’s Director of Digital Marketing and Planning, Alex Naisby.

She went on to say that the promotion will help drivers “get the most out of their everyday spending” and that it is another “interesting method” to reward customers.

“Our relationship with Esso allows us to present our Nectar customers with yet another interesting option to reward them,” she said.

“We understand how important it is for our clients to save money, so we’re happy to provide them with the option to convert their points into fuel discounts at any time.

“Assisting them in getting the most out of their day-to-day spending.”

To get the deal, drivers must fill up their car with at least 10 litres of gas.

Customers will just scan their Nectar cards at the register and select to exchange 300 points for the discount.

This option is also available directly through the Esso App for drivers.

The new deal, according to Pat Rutherford, Esso retail sales manager, could have a “cumulative effect on savings.”

“After the year we’ve all had, it’s apparent that the country wants to maximize their savings, which is why we’re thrilled to prolong our collaboration with Nectar,” he said.

“With this one-of-a-kind long-term deal, we can demonstrate to Brits that using Esso Nectar may result in significant savings over time.”

Drivers who have yet to sign up for Esso’s online app may be eligible for a special fuel discount without having to pay for any groceries, according to the company.

It’s Kwik Fits’ Midsommer Madness promotion, which means you can save 10% on your MOT Test with the UK’s #1 MOT tester if you book online.

Signing up for the online service earns drivers 500 bonus Nectar points, which can practically equal two fuel discounts.

“Paying for gas and collecting Nectar points has never been easier thanks to the Esso App,” they stated.

“All you have to do now is add your card to your account and pay using your app at a participating Esso branded service.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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