Ignore Sky Glass! Panasonic has unveiled a new TV that sounds fantastic.


Ignore Sky Glass! Panasonic has unveiled a new TV that sounds fantastic.

Although the in-built speaker on the SKY Glass provides excellent sound, it is about to be surpassed by Panasonic’s new television.

If you thought Sky Glass’s built-in soundbar was a great idea, wait until you see what Panasonic has planned for this year.

The technology company is known for producing some of the best-sounding televisions on the planet, and it appears that in 2022 they will crank it up a notch!

You can register right now to be one of the first to receive Sky Glass.

Sky Glass began shipping to customers on October 18, 2021, in screen sizes of 43, 55, and 65 inches.

However, the all-new 4K TV has been in such “high demand” since then that you’ll have to join a waiting list for the time being.

The 43-inch panel costs £13 per month, the 55-inch model £17 per month, and the 65-inch 4K TV costs £21 per month.

Initial payment: £10

The new LZ2000 was just announced at the CES technology show in Las Vegas, and it sounds fantastic.

A massive front-firing soundbar is hidden beneath the OLED screen and spans the entire width of the television.

It has a total of 14 speakers, which should eliminate the need for any additional audio equipment.

This gogglebox also has upward-firing and side-firing speakers on the back case for full 360-degree audio.

Panasonic is no stranger to impressive sound, but the company claims that it has completely overhauled the experience this year to make it even more immersive.

There are also different modes, such as “Pinpoint,” “Area,” and “Spot,” that can be used to suit different rooms and people’s preferences, as well as Directional Sound.

This enables users to concentrate the sound.

As a result, parents with young children can direct the sound away from them by sleeping behind a wall on one side of the room.

Another useful feature is the ability to increase the volume for a hard-of-hearing viewer but not for other viewers.

Of course, the majority of people desire stunning visuals.

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