If you’ve skipped them: the 2020 unsung heroes in the Guardian


These people made us happy this year, from pranksters taking the piss out of Trump to the 96-year-old who gave us a new national holiday.

Pranks on Election
Donald Trump couldn’t even lose an election without making it comical, as befits an administration which can somehow make the most boring tasks ridiculous. He refused to concede after a close but straightforward outcome, putting forward a series of elaborate conspiracy theories about stolen votes and bribery – lies he still holds.

But the laughter soon came, in the form of the Trump “voter fraud hotline,” which was intended to call loyal patriots with proof of fraud.

As an army of pranksters jammed the phone lines with ludicrous stories intended to underscore the absurdity of the operation, it soon devolved into a fiasco.

One caller told the hotline that at her polling place in Georgia she had met the demon, who had challenged her to a violin contest.

The plot of the 1980s sitcom Different Strokes was recalled by another.

A third smart-ass called on a suspicious character standing around to blow the whistle and bore a startling resemblance to the mascot of McDonald’s, the Hamburglar, who he could only presume was based on his clothing, Antifa. They summarized what most of the country thought: all this activity is a joke, and you, Mr. President, are a joke, too.

“That is suffering.

It’s one of the worst ways possible to end a campaign,’ one campaign employee who took the calls said, calling the prank calls traumatizing. Soon, the hotline was closed. In a year otherwise full of bad news, what a small, joyous gift to see all this.

The student who begged us not to vote for her dad

Her/her STEPH
@streeganz] @streeganz]]
If you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls, don’t vote for my dad for state rep for the love of god. Tell them all

23rd of June 2020

They say blood is thicker than water, but not even that can guarantee a free reference in some instances. “please, for the love of God”Please, for the love of God.

Why did Stephanie Regan rate us so highly? Well, it takes a lot to betray your dad, especially when he publicly presents himself on his campaign website as a family man and uses several images of himself and his kids to support his candidacy.

“Look at him and just read for yourself,”Look at him and just read for yourself.

Robert Regan, her father, described himself as “so conservative [he]makes Rush Limbaugh look like a liberal” (Limbaugh, a radio host, once called a student who suggested that health insurance should cover contraceptives a slut and a prostitute).
By the way, Regan eventually lost the primary, so maybe the comment from his daughter was a damning blow.

A father ought to be proud.

-the PN
Doggface – the cranberry juice-drinking experience of skateboarding.
“In 2010, artist Craig Damrauer made prints with the slogan “Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t.” You could tell that for several viral celebrities, whether it was Chewbacca Mom (who laughed while wearing a mask in a car), Mason Ramsey (who yodeled in a Walmart), or Doggface, my 2020 hero.

In September, Doggface (AKA Nathan Apodaca) went viral after he filmed himself skating down a highway to the ‘Dreams’ of Fleetwood Mac while sipping on a bottle of Ocean Spray. There are 73 million views of TikTok alone in the film.

It’s not especially remarkable to hop on a skateboard, nor is drinking a fruity beverage while doing it.

But there is something that makes it so special about the smooth way Doggface does it.

Doggface lived in a trailer in Idaho before his viral success, well below the poverty line, with no water or electricity.

He also skateboards in the video to work because his car broke down.

And, in the blink of an eye, his life changed. A new car was offered to him by Ocean Spray.

He paid tribute to Stevie Nicks. He purchased a home. He also appeared in a new music video for the “Dreams.” remix by David Guetta.

Some people undoubtedly see him as an American dream champion, but some people see him as an American dream champion,


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