If you haven’t been walking correctly, a hidden iPhone tracker might disclose it and warn you of ‘illness.’


YOUR iPhone is full of useful health features but some of them are more obvious than others.

One particular feature can reveal whether the way you walk is healthy.

You need to open your Health app to view the feature.

It’s the app already installed on your iPhone that is represented by a red heart.

Once you open the Health app, you need to click Browse and then Mobility.

Then select Walking Asymmetry.

Here you should see a graph that has tracked your walking and an explainer from Apple.

Apple says: “In a healthy walking pattern, the timing of the steps you take with each foot are very similar.

“Walking asymmetry is the per cent of time your steps with one foot are faster or slower than the other foot.

“This means the lower the percentage of asymmetry, the healthier your walking pattern.”

Many people don’t realise that if you’re walking in an uneven way then it can be a sign of a disease or a health problem.

Apple explains: “Uneven walking patterns, such as limping, can be a sign of disease, injury or other health issues.

“An even or symmetrical walk is often an important physical therapy goal when recovering from injury.”

The Health app can record your walking asymmetry automatically so all you need to do is carry your iPhone near your waist and walk on flat ground.

This should give you a good walking asymmetry result.

Bear in mind the feature cannot actually diagnose you with anything and a bad walking asymmetry percentage doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not well.

If you have concerns about your walking health you should speak to a medical professional.

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