If you drive with faulty headlights, you might be fined up to £1,000.


If you drive with faulty headlights, you might be fined up to £1,000.

If your car’s headlights aren’t working properly, you might be fined up to £1,000.

USwitch experts warn that if only one headlight is working, drivers will be stopped and fined £100 on the spot. They claim that this serves as a “warning” to drivers, with fines potentially reaching £1,000 if the problem is not resolved.

“Driving without proper functional headlights is illegal,” according to USwitch.

“Although one headlight may appear to be plenty for seeing on the road, you risk driving with no visibility if the other fails while you are in motion.

“If you drive with only one headlight on, the police will pull you over and issue you a £100 fixed penalty notice.

“This will not result in points being added to your license, but it is intended to serve as a reminder to replace your headlights.

“If this offense is prosecuted in court, the fine could be as high as £1000.

“Lights, indicators, reflectors, and number plates must be kept clean and clear, according to the Highway Code.

“Driving with properly working lights is for your personal safety and the protection of other drivers, therefore make sure your lights are functional before getting on the road.”

Traveling without a working headlight could also be considered significant damage to put other drivers at danger of injury.

This is due to the fact that motorists may be unable to detect crucial road hazards and will be less apparent to other cars approaching and exiting intersections.

For operating a vehicle in an unsafe condition, drivers might face fines of up to £2,500 and three penalty points.

In the most serious circumstances, drivers may be prosecuted with hazardous driving, which carries a £5,000 fine and nine penalty points.

Drivers who haven’t used their automobiles much during the lockout may notice that they have detective headlights.

Laura Walsh, a spokesperson for Halfords, said that some drivers are unaware when their lights have broken and asked motorists to check their lights on a frequent basis.

“Cars with malfunctioning lights can be dangerous on the road, so make sure you check your bulbs regularly and replace them if necessary,” she warned.

“We know that motorists have put off necessary repairs and that many are awaiting their MOT, but this is a false economy, and such drivers risk breaking the law.”

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