If you don’t follow these severe new guidelines, you’ll be banned from Instagram.


If you don’t follow these severe new guidelines, you’ll be banned from Instagram.

INSTAGRAM has revealed that users who refuse to submit their true date of birth would be prohibited from using the popular social media platform in the near future.

If users do not adhere to the new guidelines, they may be banned from the popular social media platform. The Facebook-owned company has announced that all users must provide their true date of birth, or they would be permanently banned from the platform.

Instagram claimed when announcing the controversial new change, “We’ll start asking you for your birthday when you open Instagram.” We’ll send you a notification a few times, and if you haven’t shared your birthdate with us by a particular date, you’ll need to do so in order to continue using Instagram.”

And don’t imagine for a second that you’ll be able to get away with claiming to be older or younger than you are. Instagram appears to be keeping a close eye on you.

“We recognize that some people may provide us with the incorrect birthday, and we are working on new mechanisms to address this,” the company noted. “We’re utilizing artificial intelligence to guess people’s ages based on things like ‘Happy Birthday’ posts. If someone says they’re over a certain age but our technology says they’re not, we’ll present them a menu of options to verify their age in the future.”

So, why is Instagram now requiring users to divulge their birthdate?

These significant adjustments are being implemented to help keep the app’s younger population secure while using it. Instagram claims that this information will enable it to develop new safety measures for young people and guarantee that the appropriate experiences are provided to the appropriate age group.

If you’ve just been using Instagram for a year, you’ve already given your date of birth during the account creation procedure. The most recent adjustment – and new penalties for those who don’t comply – is intended to encourage users with older accounts to update their profiles with their birth dates.

Instagram stated, “We’ve been clear that we want to do more to promote safer, more private experiences for young people.” “In order to do that, we need to know how old everyone on Instagram is, so we started asking users to share their birthdays with us if they haven’t already.”

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