If you don’t agree to the new rule, Microsoft won’t allow you use Windows 11.


If you don’t agree to the new rule, Microsoft won’t allow you use Windows 11.

When installing Windows 11, MICROSOFT will require users to create an online account.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is finally implementing a regulation that has been in the works for years. Microsoft will need users to check in to a Microsoft account with Windows 11 Home. As part of the setup procedure, you’ll need to create one if you don’t currently have one.

Users of Windows 11 Pro will be able to sidestep this additional requirement by using a local account to set up the desktop operating system. Everyone who uses Windows 11 Home will be required to have an online account. Once your operating system is up and running, you can create a local-only account. However, because using a Microsoft account is required during the initial setup, your model numbers and other hardware identifying information has already been transferred to the American computer giant.

The new requirement will come as no surprise to long-time Windows users.

After all, the Redmond-based corporation has been urging consumers to utilize its online accounts more frequently. Users have accused Microsoft of suppressing the “Use Offline Account” option in the Windows 10 setup, forcing users to build their Windows profiles using a Microsoft account rather than a local account.

One frustrated Windows user ranting on Reddit said, “I always install Windows 10 without being connected to the Internet.” When you do new installs of Windows 10, it’s so aggravating how much of a mess they’ve made of it. They had the obnoxious Cortana on at 67 percent level, and they were trying so hard to force the online account, and then being connected to the Internet once you got to the desktop forced the advertisements and whatnot on the start menu.”

With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft appears to have removed the option of bypassing the requirement to utilize a Microsoft account.

It’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft explains why those who pay for the Windows 11 Pro installation, which is typically found on high-end desktop PCs, laptops, and enterprise hardware, can work without an active internet connection, while those who install Windows 11 Home, which will be used by a larger number of people worldwide, are forced to sign in or create a Mic.

Last month, Microsoft revealed Windows 11 at a live broadcast event from its headquarters. The brand-new version. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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