If workers need to self-isolate, MOT testing may be canceled and garages may be compelled to close.


If workers need to self-isolate, MOT testing may be canceled and garages may be compelled to close.

According to the founder of a MOT station, if workers must self-isolate due to coronavirus, MOT tests may be canceled and garages may be forced to close.

Concerns about personnel contracting the sickness are now the “greatest worry” facing garages, according to Jonathan Barbera, founder of Parkers MOT. He believes that a single isolated incidence among a garage’s employees could drive garages to cancel tests.

Mr Barbera warned that if only a few employees were compelled to quarantine, at least “50 percent of bookings” may be canceled.

Mr Barbera is especially concerned about Monday’s Freedom Day, when all coronavirus restrictions will be abolished.

People who have been doubly jabbed will still need to self-isolate if they have been notified by the NHS app until August 16 as part of the Government’s coronavirus roadmap.

Last week, the NHS Covid-19 app sent out almost half a million alerts urging individuals to isolate themselves.

Over the last month, the figures have climbed tenfold, setting a new high.

As the number of instances rises, up to 3.5 million Britons could find themselves in self-isolation by early August.

“It’s the worst difficulty we’ve had so far,” he stated to This website.

“At work, we’ve tightened everything up to try to avoid this.”

“I’ve encouraged staff employees to keep their personal lives outside of work to a minimum, both in terms of what they do and how they do it.

“The issue is that if one of them is pinged, everyone else they’ve come into contact with will have to go into isolation as well.

“That means the company will have to shut down.”

“First and foremost, we would have to cancel appointments,” he added.

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“Depending on how many members of staff [were injured], we’d have to cancel at least half of the bookings we’d made.”

“However, it’s possible that it’s all of our 10-day bookings.

“Then there’s the whole Covid thing.

“There is a bit of a stigma about going back in case Covid is still there if people know your business has closed because someone had Covid at your workplace.”

Mr Barbera stated that his employees tested three times a week to guarantee that they could catch. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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