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[HOW TO] Valentine’s Day Google Assistant Hacks: Play Music, Cook Meals, or Even Say ‘I Love You’ in 8 Languages

Happy Valentine’s day! Are you ready for your special gift for that special someone of yours? If not yet, why don’t you invite her to your place?

No worries, you no longer need to overthink on what to cook, which music to play, or even research about love facts as Google Assistant is here to help you on this Valentine’s day! With quick tricks and Google’s new set of commands, your Valentine’s day will surely be a blast!

Just in time for the V-Day, Google has recently added new voice commands to their system in order for you to enjoy Valentine’s day without thinking too much of anything. 

If you have a Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or Smart Display, like Nest Hub in your home, you can now command it to instantly play some jazz music while glowing red and purple lights play on your background. Just say ‘Hey Google, turn up the love,’ and Google AI will show you what love dates should look like. 

This feature is available all over the world and can only be used with the English language. Aside from that, there are several other voice commands that you can try out today in order to make your date so perfect. 

If you want to impress your date into thinking that you know how to speak other languages, Google Assistant can help you. Just say “Hey Google, Happy Valentine’s Day,” and the AI will provide you instructions on how to say ‘I love you’ in eight languages such as Korean, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Danish, Gujarati, Indonesian, and even the love language French. 

Other commands include: 

And if you’re still thinking that Google Assistant cannot help you on this year’s Valentine’s day, here are some of the voice commands that you will be needed if you are planning a night out for you and your partner– with the usage of your smartphones.

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