How to take care of your tyres while the roads continue to’melt like chocolate’ due to the heat.


How to take care of your tyres while the roads continue to’melt like chocolate’ due to the heat.

How to keep your tyres in good shape as the roads continue to’melt like chocolate’ due to the heat.


According to social media posts from across the country, roads are melting owing to the extreme heat. The UK’s extreme heat warning has been extended until Friday, with the temperature at Heathrow Airport reaching 32.2 degrees, making it the warmest day of the year.

Somerset Council’s transport Twitter feed captured the melting roadways, which could cause problems for any vehicles traveling on them.

The story went into great detail about why the roads were melting and what was being done to keep them safe to travel on.

“A sunny day in the 20s can generate 50 degrees on the ground because the dark asphalt road surface absorbs a lot of heat and this builds up over the day, with the hottest period being between midday and 5pm,” they explained.

“When this happens, we dispatch a crew to spread granite dust on the road to absorb the soft bitumen and stabilize it.

“Polymer modified binders account for 5% of the road network in hot rolled asphalt roads.

“They can absorb temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsius. These, on the other hand, are more expensive.

“Imagine asphalt as chocolate: it melts and softens when it’s hot, and it hardens and brittles when it’s cold. As a result, its strength fluctuates over the course of the year.”

Gloucestershire County Council addressed a similar issue by sprinkling fine grit on the road to absorb the melting surface material.

When traveling in hot weather, motorists should be aware of melting surfaces, which could create tyre troubles.

In some situations, the bitumen from the roads has melted around the car tyres, rendering them worthless.

Summer tyres would be a better choice this year, according to All Car Leasing, a vehicle sourcing company.

“Summer tyres are made of a more durable material, which allows them to withstand heat better and soften much later than ordinary or winter tyres,” they explained.

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“Summer tyres may last longer in the heat than winter tyres, but they will fail you in the cold. Currently, winter tyres are deteriorating at a higher rate, losing inches from their tread day.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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