How to clean your car with vinegar and washing powder: 7 tricks


How to clean your car with vinegar and washing powder: 7 tricks

According to Moneyshake study, a quarter of us admit to never cleaning our automobiles. Here are seven excellent methods for getting the job done.

Don’t procrastinate on cleaning your automobile! It’s not as difficult, costly, or time-consuming as you would believe. You simply need a few inexpensive and pleasant household products to clean your car. This website spoke with the Moneyshake team to learn how to clean your car in less time and for less money using tools you most likely already have at home.

Instead of window cleaning, use vinegar and water.

Instead than spending money on pricey window cleaners, a simple method is to combine vinegar and water to make your own homemade solution.

You won’t need much (approximately one part vinegar to ten parts warm water) to get the job done.

Apply it to your windows and windshield, then wipe it down with two rags or paper towels until the glass is streak-free and squeaky clean.

Clean the glass with one rag or paper towel while the other soaks up the residual window cleaner solution so you can wipe it clean.

Think of it as a wax-on/wax-off action, and your windows will be streak-free in no time!

This vinegar and water mixture is also effective on other interior surfaces, such as the dashboard, doors, and any wood, vinyl, or plastic surfaces.

While cleaning and wiping the inside of your windows, turn on the air conditioner on high to remove moisture from the air.

This should also assist keep any excess water off the windows, preventing streaks.

If you clean large portions of your automobile at once, your car will undoubtedly streak; instead, work slowly and methodically.

If you clean the entire windscreen in one sitting, for example, you won’t have time to wipe away all of the cleaner residue with the second dry rag or paper towel.

Alternatively, you’ll find it easier to keep your car streak-free if you clean one window at a time and divide the windscreen into different areas.

Laundry detergent is another common household item that most people have access to.

You can use this as a cheaper alternative to more expensive interior car cleaning chemicals and still obtain excellent results.

Naturally, washing powder is made to remove stubborn stains, which it can. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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