How Has Microsoft’s Console Fared So Far? Xbox Series X Year One Retrospective: How Has Microsoft’s Console Fared So Far?


How Has Microsoft’s Console Fared So Far? Xbox Series X Year One Retrospective:

It’s been over a year since the Xbox Series X was released.

It celebrated its first anniversary on the market last November 10 and has remained largely unnoticed in the wake of the PlayStation 5’s success.

But how did Microsoft’s current-generation console fare in its first year on the market?

Quantities Sold

According to GameSpot, 8 million Xbox Series XS units have been sold as of late October.

Daniel Ahmad, an analyst at market research firm Niko Partners, came up with the figure after reviewing data from a recent Microsoft earnings call.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Microsoft’s earnings had increased by 166 percent in the last three months due to the apparent strong demand for Xbox hardware.

Here’s Ahmad’s tweet with the sales numbers:

In conclusion,

– Xbox Series X

October 27, 2021 — Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX)

When you take a closer look, you’ll notice that this figure still pales in comparison to the number of PlayStation 5 units that Sony has already sold (13.4 million, to be exact).

While the Xbox Series X is still lagging behind its main rival, it has made strides in one market in particular: Japan, where it has struggled for decades.

It was reported in early October that the Xbox Series X (and Series S) had sold over 100,000 units in the country.

Since Microsoft’s inception 20 years ago, Japan has proven to be a difficult market to break into, making this a significant achievement.

Even though the Xbox Series X is still catching up, it is already one of the most popular Xbox consoles since the 360.

Stock Drops Possible

It’s still difficult to come across

While the Xbox Series X may trail the PS5 in overall sales, it is on par with Sony’s console in terms of being difficult to obtain–and overpriced.

The Verge published a report that looked at the console’s current eBay price.

As of this writing, the Xbox Series X is only available for (dollar)850, a 1.7x increase over its original MSRP of

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