Hitman 3 will be able to discover Dark Souls-esque Persistent Shortcuts


It’s just Dark Hearts, in the end. Well, not exactly, but the series from FromSoftware really had a big impact. In these hard-hitting action RPGs, even Hitman 3, which will be published in a few weeks’ time, has a new feature that plays an important role.

The principle of shortcuts is a central feature of level design in the From games, and that’s something IO Interactive incorporates in its new assassination sandbox.

The levels of the new game will have shortcuts that you can only access from one way, as you can see in the above video from Game Informer, which means that to find them you will have to explore the open areas. It will remain unlocked for future playthroughs until you open a shortcut, giving you new possibilities for your murderous tasks.

It’s a relatively easy addition, but one for a game like Hitman that makes perfect sense. To get to challenging places even more quickly, you will be able to use these quicker paths, enabling you to explore even more. Sounds good to us.

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