Here’s how to protect your Windows 10 PC now that NVIDIA has fixed a high-risk GeForce bug.


Here’s how to protect your Windows 10 PC now that NVIDIA has fixed a high-risk GeForce bug.

NVIDIA has patched a critical flaw that affects PCs running the GeForce GTX graphics card. Here’s how to keep your Windows 10 computer safe and secure.

NVIDIA has released an important update for Windows 10 computers running the popular GeForce GTX graphics cards. Last week, the major GPU manufacturer alerted users to a vulnerability that could allow a malicious actor to remotely steal or change data on a Windows 10 PC. CVE20211073 is the name of the vulnerability, which has a CVSS score of 8.3.

CVSS ratings are an industry standard for assessing the severity of a security vulnerability’s danger.

The NVIDIA bug has been classified as a ‘High’ risk threat, which is the second most hazardous CVSS category.

The flaw affects the GeForce Experience software, which comes pre-installed on NVIDIA GTX graphics cards.

“NVIDIA GeForce Experience software contains a vulnerability where, if a user clicks on a maliciously formatted link that opens the GeForce Experience login page in a new browser tab instead of the GeForce Experience application and enters their login information, the malicious site can obtain the token of the user login session,” NVIDIA said previously. The data of these targeted users could be accessed, altered, or lost as a result of such an attack.”

The good news is that NVIDIA has quickly released a patch to protect your Windows PC.

According to Threatpost, a GeForce 3.23 upgrade is currently available that can alleviate the flaw.

The NVIDIA bug is found in GeForce Experience versions 3.21 and lower.

Simply go to the GeForce Experience download page or launch the software client to get the update.

The program will be updated automatically as a result of this.

GeForce Experience is a free piece of software that helps you get the most out of your PC gaming.

It can be used to track system performance, record or live stream gaming (perfect for sites like Twitch), and take screenshots in-game to share with friends on social media.

Last week, GeForce Experience 3.23 was introduced, with a slew of new features and improvements.

The NVIDIA software now includes one-click HDR screenshot capture as well as automatic GPU tuning, in addition to bug fixes and compatibility issues.

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