Heather Small, Patsy Palmer, and Will Young were all Masked Singer icons who died far too soon.


Heather Small, Patsy Palmer, and Will Young were all Masked Singer icons who died far too young.

Let’s take a look at some of the contestants who were booted off the show before their time was up as the latest season of hit singing competition The Masked Singer begins.

This month, The Masked Singer debuted on ITV in an explosion of lavish costumes and unexpected celebrities, with six singing stars taking to the stage wearing outrageous disguises.

The hit show has featured a slew of big names over the years, from Joss Stone to Girls Aloud star Nicola Roberts, as the judges and British public try to figure out who is singing beneath their costume.

Despite their incredible talent, some of the show’s best stars were ejected far too soon. Take a look back at the celebrities who were ejected far too soon…

When the British soul singer and lead vocalist of the band M People took the stage and performed Patsy Cline’s Crazy disguised as a Chandelier, she wowed the audience.

The 56-year-old legend narrowly lost out to Firework and Mushroom in the judges vote and was the first star to remove her mask, leaving viewers and judges perplexed.

Fans were heartbroken to see her leave so soon after cementing her reputation as a legendary British singer.

“I’m completely gutted,” one person wrote.

(hashtag)HeatherSmall is a (hashtag)Legend in the making.

What a squander.

“(hashtag)maskedsinger” is one of my favorite (hashtag)maskedsinger.”

“Heather Small sounded so much better when singing that Patsy Cline number in her own voice,” another wrote.

“What made her conceal it?”

After competing against Firework in a sing-off, Will Young, the winner of Pop Idol and a noughties singing legend, was unveiled as Lionfish.

Lionfish should have been the one to leave, according to all of the judges, and viewers were outraged, rushing to social media to defend him.

“@willyoung brilliant,” one person commented.

“It was way too soon.”

“I’m sorry what!! Why did they save Firework when Lion Fish was much better!!” said another.

“How on EARTH did Donut and Firework get voted through? Will Young smacks it out of the park!” chimed in a third.

“Hiding was so easy and made it so enjoyable,” Will said of his experience.

I was nervous when I had to remove the mask, but it was a fascinating experience.

Patsy Palmer, a former EastEnders actress, failed to impress the studio audience with her rendition of You’ve Got The Love.

Patsy admitted she was “extremely nervous” about appearing on the show, but she did.

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