Hate Speech AI on Facebook has dropped about 50%, and reports of its ineffectiveness have been shut down.


Facebook has released a post about its hate speech AI disputes that was reported to be ineffective in filtering out hate speech and violence that is shared through social media. The company said that its AI has helped in removing as much as 50 percent of the posts that contained this negative content online.

The big blue social media company located in Menlo Park has recently updated its policies, and it is intended to remove those that target and harass public features on its platform. The company has been long entangled in reports and its whistleblower case regarding the platform not caring about the content for the mental health of its teenage users.

Facebook AI: Hate Speech and Violence Posts are Filtered

Facebook’s AI is effective in filtering and removing harmful content on its News Feed, including that of hate speech and violence, as shared by a blog post by its vice president of integrity, Guy Rosen. Facebook and Rosen have argued that the company is doing everything in its power to make the platform a safe place to use.

It was said that engineers from Facebook have leaked confidential information and shared speculations about the company’s focus on cleaning up their platform for a safer environment. The report by the Wall Street Journal has sparked conversations regarding this, especially Facebook’s shortcomings.

However, the blog post by Rosen argues that Facebook, particularly its AI, has already taken down said posts and has been effectively removing these negative content online. Moreover, it has done a lot for the company, where the said content has been down by almost 50 percent and is continuing to work for the platform.

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Facebook’s Tech about User Experience

User experiences are one of the most important factors on the internet right now because it focuses on the usage of the platform across different places, preferences, age groups, and more. It also means that the more users they have, the more profit they generate and give back to people with their functions.

Part of Facebook’s user experience is its AI that filters posts and content in the platform to make social media a healthier place to stay and enjoy. Moreover, it helps in lessening the “negative vibes” of the platform, particularly as it helps in removing the unnecessary antics that people resort to online.

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