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[HACKER] 377 US Banking Applications Hacked by a Malware ‘Anubis’

According to CPO Magazine’s latest report, a powerful banking malware called Anubis is spreading around the world that allows hackers and cybercriminals to breach smartphones without users detecting the suspicious activity. 

New Banking Malware With Eyeball Icon Knows You Are Looking At Your Phone's Screen: Hackers Breached The New iOS; Here's How They Did It!

The new update of Anubis will allow hackers to know when users are looking at the phone screens. Over 17,000 new Anubis samples were discovered by security researchers. The malware has targeted over 377 banking applications from 93 countries including India, Europe, and the United States. 

Smartphones running the Android OS have been the main targets of the banking trojan. The malware can disguise its self as other popular applications such as a game application that will trick smartphone users, allowing the hackers to freely infect mobile devices once it is downloaded. It was reported that dodgy applications from third-party stores do not offer sufficient security against malware such as Anubis.  

The developers of the banking malware have designed malicious apps they can sneak into the Google Play Store. Security researchers found two apps that were used to spread the banking malware Anubis: BatterySaverMobo and Currency Converter.

Anubis has also received new features that will allow hackers to better control hacked mobile devices. The “eyeball icon” is one of these new updates. Hackers can now detect if a user is looking at their device. It will warn the hackers and help them avoid getting caught when the user is on guard. 

The developers of the banking malware were discovered to be integrating Yandex map into Anubis that will allow them to effectively decode the location of the infected smartphone. Another banking malware called EventBot also had an update on its system. More than 200 apps such as PayPal Business and other financial apps such as CoinBase and TransferWise are the main target of EventBot, including Revolut and Barclays. 

On the other hand, iPhone hackers were able to breach the new iOS before it was even released to the public. According to VICE’s latest report, hackers, bloggers, and security researchers have been able to access the new iOS 14 for months. It was reported that five sources in the jailbreaking community leaked that someone was able to acquire the iPhone 11 running a version of iOS 14 last December 2019 during its development stage. 

Other sources said that the iPhone, which was intended only for Apple developers, was bought from vendors in China for thousands of dollars. The hacker then extracted the iOS 14 internal system and distributed it in the iPhone hacking and jailbreaking community. 

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