Guy Martin is blown away by the power of an electric Porsche as he tries new EVs.


Guy Martin is blown away by the power of an electric Porsche as he tries new EVs.

After testing a number of strong electric vehicles, including a Porsche Taycan, on his new show, GUY MARTIN may have been converted to an electric future.

On his latest show, Guy Martin: The World’s Fastest Electric Car?, the former motorcycle rider turned mechanic set out to build the world’s fastest road-legal electric vehicle. Along the way, he tested a variety of electric vehicles, both prototypes and commercial vehicles, in order to acclimate in advance of his world record attempt.

Guy’s favorite vehicle seems to be the Porsche Taycan Turbo, which costs £116,000 and has a lot of power.

It has 680 horsepower and a top speed of 160 mph, with a range of about 240 miles, and its power has left him speechless.

Guy could be seen grinning and screaming “oh that’s fast” around every turn of the racetrack, almost in disbelief.

A Taycan should go at least twice as far for every pound spent on fuel as a petrol counterpart.

With its smooth carbon fiber inside and teal and white exterior, the Morris JE might be the van of the future.

Its 200-mile range, along with its one-tonne payload, makes it an outstanding choice for a city delivery van.

The van’s price tag – a hefty £60,000 – and the lack of cup holders were his two major complaints.

Industry experts have forecast that electric vehicles will reach price parity with gasoline and diesel equivalents in five years, according to the event.

He also put the Equipmake E-Bus, a standard-sized bus with a top speed of 100 mph, to the test.

According to a recent research, switching from a diesel bus to an electric bus in a city like York may save £5 million in health expenditures in the first year alone due to the absence of exhaust pollutants.

Guy’s next vehicle, a £20,000 Swind EB-01 electric trail bike, had some issues at first.

Guy read a tweet from X Factor judge Simon Cowell before leaving: “Some solid advise… Before you ride an electric trail bike for the first time, read the manual.

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