Greg Wise’s ‘awkward’ response to Karen Hauer’s ‘friendship’ makes Strictly fans grimace.


Greg Wise and Karen Hauer were kicked off of Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday night after they failed to impress the judges with their samba routine to the Macarena

Strictly fans have spotted what they thought were tensions between Greg Wise and Karen Hauer.

The viewers at home were left doubting the pair’s friendship after Greg was asked whether he’d found a lifelong friend in his pro dancing partner, Karen.

Actor Greg and Karen became the third couple to be sent home on Sunday night after their samba to the Macarena failed to impress the Strictly judges.

The pair found themselves in the bottom two this week alongside Loose Women star Judi Love, and were forced to take to the floor with their professional dancing partners once again.

However, in his post-results interview with Tess Daly on BBC One, viewers picked out what they saw as strained relations between Greg and his professional dancing partner.

Stunning host Tess asked the actor if he’d found a friend for life in his Strictly dancing partner.

While Greg said he had had an “amazing time”, he didn’t thank Karen for her help on the show.

Karen said: “It’s been a blast. Thank you for the amazing lunches. Thanks so much for the quality of work. Thanks for being an amazing student.

“I really enjoyed our moments in the classroom and just having fun with you.”

She then turned to father-of-two Greg and said: “I hope you have too.”

Tess asked the actor: “Greg, have you found a friend for life in Karen?”.

He simply replied: “Yeah, yeah yeah… Well, someone who eats my food.”

Viewers picked up on his response immediately and took to Twitter to cast doubts about their friendship, with some claiming Greg will never see Karen again.

“Friend for life? Greg will never see Karen again #StrictlyComeDancing #Strictly #SCD,” one person posted.

Another tweeted: “Thank the Lord, Greg has gone. Have a feeling Karen is relieved #Strictly.”

A third person added: “I get the vibe that Karen isn’t actually too keen on Greg #strictly.”

And a fourth said: “Greg wants out. I think Karen thought she would be in longer. Notice he made a point at saying she was kind repeatedly. Interesting soundbite. #SCD #Strictly.”

Someone else claimed: “Karen and Greg have mentally checked out already #Strictly.

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