Google’s Gmail update addresses one of your most pressing concerns about your inbox.


Google’s Gmail update addresses one of your most pressing concerns about your inbox.

GOOGLE has released a minor but critical Gmail update that will fix a key issue with everyone’s inbox.

Gmail users are set to get a much-needed inbox overhaul, and it can’t come fast enough. Google’s latest move is geared at making it easier for users to identify authentic emails, with companies like banks being able to add a verified mark to all communications they send out.

Consider it similar to Twitter’s renowned blue tick, which indicates that an account has been verified by the social network and is not a fake.

With so many frauds hitting inboxes every day, this new approach should ensure that clients never miss essential emails because they’ll be able to tell right away if it’s from a legitimate source.

Last year, Google unveiled a pilot of its Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), and now the business is ready to go live with the system.

“Today we’re announcing that over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out Gmail’s wide support of BIMI, an industry standard that aims to accelerate adoption of strong sender authentication for the whole email ecosystem,” Google stated in a statement regarding the change. BIMI gives email users and security systems more confidence in the source of communications, and it allows senders to deliver a more immersive experience for their audience.”

After a company signs up and is validated by the service, the logo will appear in the current avatar position on their Gmail icon.

Bank of America is one of the first to join the program, claiming that it expects the change will make it easier for clients to recognize genuine communications from them.

“To serve our customers, Bank of America has a wide range of security measures in place, and we are constantly evolving our program to provide best-in-class protection. Our relationship with Google on BIMI, which gives an easy way to verify if correspondence is from us, is a part of this effort,” the firm added.

There’s no indication on when the new icons will appear in everyone’s inbox, but Google is anticipated to roll them out in the next weeks and months.

This latest move comes as Google discreetly rolled out a new upgrade to its popular email app that will drastically.


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