Google Maps for iPhone now has three new features, including Dark Mode.


Google Maps for iPhone now has three new features, including Dark Mode.

With the addition of three new features, including the much-anticipated Dark Mode, GOOGLE Maps is about to get even better for iPhone users.

It’s a fortunate day for iOS users who rely on Google Maps to go around! Google’s renowned turn-by-turn navigation and mapping software now includes three useful new capabilities. These changes won’t significantly alter your experience, but they will make navigating around a little easier.

To begin with, informing others of your location has become much easier. Maps will now work with iMessage, allowing you to share your current location with friends and family in real time. This is already a function in WhatsApp and other chat applications, but it’s a great addition that will make us all feel safer when we’re out and about.

Your location will be shared with the contact or group of your choice when you press the Google Maps button in the iMessage app.

Even better, it will update as you walk around, allowing others to watch your activities and ensure that you get at your destination safely. The location sharing is set to last one hour by default, but you can extend it up to three days — significantly longer than WhatsApp permits.

However, it’s unclear whether you’ll be able to share your location with others who don’t use iMessage.

Is it a bit too much trouble to open the main app to check the traffic? You’re covered with Google Maps. Right from your home screen, the new traffic widget displays information about traffic in a certain area. When you need to get somewhere quickly, this is a great tool to have. From the new widget, you can easily search for your favorite spots or go to frequently visited destinations.

To use it, follow these simple steps to upgrade Google Maps to the most recent version and install the new widget.

Finally, Google Maps has joined almost every other major software on the market in introducing a new Dark Mode. This will change the color scheme of your maps, menus, and the rest of the UI to black with subdued blue outlines for roads, buildings, and limits. Other features, such as menus, tabs, and location suggestions, will appear light grey.

When driving, this should provide welcome reprieve from screen fatigue and tired eyes. Google adds to the mix. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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