Google has banned eight harmful Android apps, prompting authorities to advise users to delete them immediately.


Google has banned eight harmful Android apps, prompting authorities to advise users to delete them immediately.

Android users are being encouraged to examine their phones after it was discovered that eight popular apps contain the hazardous Joker malware.

A new Android warning has just been released, and it’s one you definitely don’t want to dismiss. Google recently removed eight apps from its Play Store, according to Belgian police, and users are instructed to uninstall them from their smartphones as soon as possible. All of these apps are suspected of containing the hazardous Joker malware, which can cause havoc on whatever phone it infects.

Once installed, Joker has the potential to install covert spyware and premium dialers on devices, allowing unwary victims to sign up for pricey monthly subscription plans.

In the past, some victims have been duped into paying more than £240 a year for these bogus subscriptions.

Belgium police issued a warning on its website, saying, “Warning! The Joker virus has resurfaced in the Android ecosystem. This malware has been discovered in eight apps from the Google Play Store, all of which have now been removed by Google; however, if you have already downloaded one, uninstall it as soon as possible.

This later Joker infection, according to researchers at cybersecurity firm Quick Heal Security Lab, can access text messages, contacts, and a variety of other information on devices.

It can then enroll users to websites providing paid services, similar to previous iterations, putting consumers at risk of a major surprise when their bank account or credit card statement arrives through the letter box at the end of the month.

If you are concerned about this vulnerability, here is a list of applications that are affected:

A Message from the Auxiliary

• Scanner for elements

• Magical SMS in a flash

• CamScanner is a free application.

• Messages on the Move

• Message of the Century

• Excellent SMS

• Wallpapers for Travel

Joker was initially noticed in 2019, but it has just reappeared in a startling fashion.

Indeed, security researchers recently reported seeing a “significant increase” in apps containing the nefarious Joker malware.

Since its last report on the problem in 2020, Zimperium claims to have seen over 1,000 new samples of Joker. The business also warns that cyber criminals are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to insert malware into both official and unlicensed app stores.

“Joker trojans are malicious Android programs that have been reported to execute bill fraud and subscription since 2017.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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