Games: the top five for Simon Parkin from 2020


1. Supergiant Games, September Like any kid, Zagreus wants to escape the gravitational power of his father. However, his father is Zeus, a parent whose loyalty is only matched by divine retribution.

So hack your way through the ever-changing Hades maze, fighting your way against everybody Zeus throws.

Sophisticated, addictive, replayable endlessly.2.

Animal Crossing Nintendo, March Animal Crossing, a game that brought locked-in households together to create a dollhouse community, was the sweetest gift in 2020 for the video game industry.

His calm patterns of pottering and planting were now the ideal salve for the frenzied restlessness.

June has been a few years between UsInnerSloth, but 2020 was the year Among Us, a digital take on the Werewolf social game, had its moment. Players come together on a space ship and, by making (or voicing) allegations, must find out which one of them is a murderer. A game about finding out whether people are who they claim they fit right in at a time when confidence in leaders is frighteningly poor. 4. The Last of Us Part IISony/Naughty Dog, JuneIt’s too long, too overwhelming, and too close to celebrating what it wants to ask, as a work on the futility of human retribution (here, two young women engaged in a game of deadly brawls in post-apocalyptic America).

Even, at its most decadent extravagance and reflective, this is a smash game. 5th Fall Guys Mediatonic, August It’s a Knockout meets Takeshi’s Castle, played with gummy bears reminiscent of tumbling characters.

It’s riotous fun that moved the abandoned playground to millions of children’s homes.


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