GAME has announced a massive PS5 console and bundle refill that will begin TODAY.


GAME has announced a massive PS5 console and bundle refill that will begin TODAY.

GAMERS are ecstatic after GAME revealed that the highly sought-after PlayStation 5 will be restocked today.

From Tuesday morning, a selection of consoles and bundles will be available online and in-store, according to the UK retailer.

Customers who want to get their hands on the sold-out machine will have to wait in a digital queue, according to GAME.

Customers are limited to purchasing only one console or bundle at a time.

Currently, the company’s website lists 50 packages, which is a huge decrease.

It could go live at any point between now and lunchtime.

GAME tweeted on Tuesday, “This morning we will be coming online with a selection of PS5 systems and bundles.”

“Due to the high volume of traffic, we use a queuing system to ensure that the process runs smoothly and fairly for our consumers.”

“Any additional orders will be revoked within 24 hours if you try to order more than one console.”

Please contact your local GAME store to explore your options if you are unable to get a console online.”

Last year, Sony announced two PlayStation 5 models. The full PS5 costs £449/$499, while the Digital Edition, which does not include a disc tray, costs £359/$399.

Despite the fact that the console was released about a year ago, both models have been sold out for months around the world.

The scarcity is caused by a global lack of microchips, which are required to power everything from electric automobiles to smart refrigerators to game consoles.

According to analysts, the PS5 and its rival, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, will remain in short supply until 2022 as a result of the chip problem.

Parents are now unsure that they will be able to get one of the gadgets for their children in time for Christmas.

Rambunctious players reacted with delight to the announcement of GAME’s upcoming PS5 refill on Twitter.

“Need that PS5 drop,” one person wrote. I have a relative who is in desperate need of one so we can play next-gen games together.”

Others were astounded that 11 months after the release, restocks were so scarce.

“Can’t believe this is still going on over a year later with chip shortages being an issue,” one individual commented in response to GAME’s announcement.

“This is terribly uncomfortable!” said another. I’ve been looking for one since July! Yesterday was my daughter’s 14th birthday, and I’m still scrolling websites in the hopes of getting fortunate!” The Oculus Quest 2 VR headgear is The Sun’s preferred alternative to a gaming console.

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