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Futuristic Smart Coffee Table Sells for $29.99: Legit or Scam? Indiegogo Funding Campaign from Startup ‘Coosno’ Spotted!

A new futuristic smart coffee table called the Coosno was spotted on Facebook as a sponsored advertisement. Despite the out of this world near-perfect design, something seems to be pretty odd about this whole smart coffee table.

There is a certain website, called the, that shows this table listed within its products for $29.99. However, the same exact table can be found on Indiegogo generating funding for the project. So it’s super cheap if you buy it now, but the table’s company is still undergoing fundraising? This is exactly what makes makes this listing so fishy!

Aside from its design and almost Star Wars-like looks, the table is able to do much more than the generic coffee table we are all used to. In fact, it is hard to call this technology a coffee table at all with all the given features.

The table is built with a tempered glass top.

Fits perfectly in living rooms, man caves, home theaters, and even office lobbies.

Has a built-in fridge that is capable of holding up to 68 cans of beer.

Works with voice control to make the fridge pop up.

Uses an LED tabletop as well as a nightlight that is capable of displaying 160,000 colors.

Works as a wireless charging spot for different smartphones and charging outlets.

It’s also available in two sizes as well as two colors!

Coosno has been pushing this futuristic coffee table quite different from the traditional wooden table we’re all used to. Coosno defines this as a “statement piece” saying it demands attention as well as delivers incredible performances.

Coosno has actually been featured by a few big media names all sharing their thoughts on this next-generation smart coffee table. Here are a few to name:

Trend Hunter




…and almost 20 others.

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Although the post by Effort Apps has copied the listed features on the original post, it’s still pretty odd that this table is priced between $19.99 and $29.99 on their website when a refrigerator alone could cost a couple of hundred bucks. Not to mention the LED features and voice control.

The post regarding the shady smart coffee table has managed to remove most of the word Coosno except for a single sentence within the instructions urging users to “Open the App” and start “using Coosno right away.”

Another odd thing about this product is that it was spotted in a Facebook Ad instead of lurking in the sketchy parts of the internet. The smart coffee table posting on Effort Apps was actually well promoted and includes an order page, free shipping, and everything else.

Tech Times has tried to make contact with Effort Apps to verify the authenticity of the Smart Coffee Table but the email address given on their website was actually not even recognized.

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Written by Urian Buenconsejo

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