FURY among drivers over a £100 deposit at Pay at Pump devices – a “mass boycott” is required.


FURY among drivers over a £100 deposit at Pay at Pump devices – a “mass boycott” is required.

DRIVERS have slammed new card restrictions that require petrol stations to set aside £100 in a customer’s account before allowing them to use a Pay at Pump machine.

Customers have been told that when topping up with petrol, up to £100 of their deposit would be temporarily ringfenced from their account. This is known as a pre-authorisation check, and it will make it difficult for drivers with tiny balances in their accounts to top up.

Previously, shops were only ring-fenced for £1, but this has been increased as a result of card provider changes.

Many Express readers slammed the plans, declaring that they “won’t use” Pay at Pump devices as a result of the changes.

Drivers are being urged to “boycott” the machines until the new idea is abandoned, according to one motorist.

“That’s me never paying at the pump again,” they stated.

“Spread the word. A nationwide pay-at-the-pump boycott is required.”

“Simple answer, don’t utilize the service, just pay cash at the kiosk,” an Express commenter wrote. What a prank.”

Another motorist described the approach as “wrong in principle,” while another questioned whether the change would be communicated to customers at all.

“It just seems odd in principle that in order to buy anything worth £30, you have to spend, in fact, £99 and then get £69 back later,” they added.

“What have I received for the £69 that I didn’t get?” It is, without a doubt, my money, but I am unable to spend it.

“Is there anything else you buy that you pay more for and then get a refund for?”

“Of course, they’ll put up very visible notices on entry to the filling station and at the pump that £99 will be drained out of your account the instant you insert your card,” another commented. “I seriously doubt it.”

According to one commenter, businesses should only charge the “precise amount drivers wanted to spend.”

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“Better idea, enter the amount you want to spend,” they said. Only enable that amount of fuel to be delivered after charging the precise amount.

“When the bulk in business are so ignorant, it’s no surprise that companies come along and disrupt markets.”

Some motorists, on the other hand, have praised the adjustments as “fair” in order to keep gas stations from being caught off guard.

“Why,” remarked one motorist. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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