From flip flops to speeding penalties, there are many common driving fallacies to avoid.


From flip flops to speeding penalties, there are many common driving fallacies to avoid.

DRIVING RULES CAN BE COMPLICATED, especially given the always changing nature of the roadways, yet there are several “laws” that people believe for no reason.

These include everything from not wearing shoes to being flashed by a speed camera. Gumtree has released new data that debunks a number of traditional driving myths.

Driving with an interior light on, according to Peter Brabin, Head of Training at Billplant Driving School, is one of the most common misunderstandings that dates back to infancy.

“It appears to arise from parents wanting to turn off the interior light when travelling with children in the car – probably in the hope that they will cause fewer distractions or take a nap!” he said.

“However, there is nothing in the Highway Code that says you can’t drive with an interior light turned on in your car.

“However, it might be a distraction to other road users, so if you’re driving in the dark with an inside light on, you might be pulled over and ordered to turn it off by the cops.”

According to Gumtree, driving without shoes, or even with heels on, is entirely legal.

Despite this, there remains a chance of being pulled over by the authorities for driving without necessary caution.

Clothing and footwear should not prohibit drivers from utilizing the controls correctly, according to Rule 97 of the Highway Code.

It’s critical for drivers to stay attentive and in control at all times when behind the wheel, so it’s important to wear clothing and footwear that won’t distract or get in the way.

Although driving with headphones isn’t legally unlawful, drivers may face police repercussions if they’re found to be a contributing role in a traffic collision.

“We wouldn’t encourage driving with headphones in, or having any music too loud within the vehicle for that matter,” Peter Brabin said of the usage of headphones.

“It’s critical to be aware of your surroundings, which might alter and adapt at any moment.

“Loud music will drown out any oncoming emergency vehicles and may become distracting to the point where you become a road hazard.”

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