Freesat has finally been updated to add a function that has been available on Freeview for years.


Freesat has finally been updated to add a function that has been available on Freeview for years.

FREESAT has updated set-top boxes across the United Kingdom, offering additional BBC content to sports lovers.

Freesat users can now use the BBC Connected Red Button to get additional material from the Euros 2020, Wimbledon, and the Olympics via the BBC Connected Red Button. For quite some time, the BBC Connected Red Button (also known as Red Button+) has been accessible on Smart TVs and other internet-connected set-top boxes. Those with Freesat boxes, on the other hand, have been left out.

With the latest update, Freesat subscribers will have access to a slew of Beeb goodies. During certain episodes, pressing the red button on your remote will bring up extra information, supplementary videos, and even quizzes about what you’re viewing.

That was all a lot of fun. When watching live sports programming, though, the enhanced red button becomes much more essential.

Freesat viewers will be able to access exclusive programming related to the Euros, the Olympics, and Wimbledon with the touch of a button. This includes highlights from previous matches, the most recent tournament news, live feeds of more content, as well as scores and results.

Better still, everything will appear as an overlay over the current channel you’re watching, so you won’t miss a thing. So, during the Olympics this summer, you’ll be able to check the results from one discipline while watching another live.

You must connect your Freesat 4K TV Box to your home broadband in order to use the Connected Red Button. If you like, you can do this through Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable.

A notification will flash in the top right-hand corner of your screen if you’re watching a show on terrestrial television with additional content available via the Red Button. To see everything available, press the red button on your television remote.

Alternatively, you can go straight to Freesat channel 981, or use the BACK and GREEN buttons on your Freesat remote to access the Connected Red Button services at any time – regardless of where you are in the Freesat interface.


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