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‘Fortnite’ Week 3 Guide on How to Defeat Iron Man Boss: Stark Industries Location Revealed

Ever since the Marvel Superheroes have invaded Fortnite for Chapter 2, season 4, players could only go face to face with one boss: Doctor Doom. However, today’s update granted what many players have wished for the past few days, a new boss in Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. 

For week 3, Fortnite players have to defeat Iron Man at Stark Industries, which is the billionaire, genius, and philanthropist’s headquarters in both the Marvel comic books and the movies.

According to Fortnite Insider, the location was only recently added along with this week’s task, but fortunately, Stark Industries is a marked location, and you can easily land from the bus straight to the area and go face to face with Iron Man.

The location has replaced Frenzy Farms, but if you’re new with the game, here’s a visual aid for you:

Nevertheless, Stark Industries is still somewhat big when you’ve landed on the area, so you still have to know where Iron Man.

Based on the guide, he should be at the main building, which is located on the southern part of the POI. Enter the building and go up to the second floor. You should see the Marvel hero roaming around.

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However, you should be prepared to face off with the new Fortnite boss since Epic Games has apparently made it harder to defeat him, so it will definitely be a challenge.

But according to the gaming news outlet, one way to ensure you don’t get eliminated is to keep moving, especially as Iron Man has the unibeam ability, which shoots a laser from his chest along with his hand Repulsors.

You can also defeat a Stark Robot in the process and hack it to help you eliminate Iron Man.

Moreover, you’re most likely not the only one trying to eliminate the new Fortnite boss, so you’ll have to be extra careful of any other player that might be lurking in the shadows, ready to steal your kill and eliminate you in the process.

Of course, you can use the game’s Squad Assist feature, which allows you to ask for your friends’ help.

But what can you get when you defeat Iron Man?

According to Twinfinite, completing the mission will grant you access to his Vault Key as well as his Repulsor Cannon Ability.

Twitter user and Fortnite leaker HYPEX leaked the stats of the cannon, which is the following:

This week also comes with a new Wolverine challenge where you have to find the Sentinel Head–but a reminder: the location is different from the Sentinel Graveyard from last week’s challenge:

This time, you have to go to the west of Dirty Docks, where you’ll see a massive Sentinel lying on the floor. Simply climb the body and go straight to the head and interact with it to complete this week’s Wolverine task.

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Written by: Nhx Tingson

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