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Fortnite Week 3 Challenge How-to: Where to Find Wolverine’s Trophy and How to Get It

Fortnite‘s Week 3 Challenge has released new exciting tasks, including finding Wolverine’s Trophy. To make it a little easy for you, here’s the location you need and a simple guide on unlocking it.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4‘s Wolverine Challenge, currently has three tasks. The first one requires players to find the character’s mysterious claw marks. While in the second challenge, players will have to raid a Quinjet patrol site.

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The latest challenge can be done at Dirty Docks, where Sentinel’s Head can be located. Unlocking all of the Wolverine challenges will allow players to acquire the unique Wolverine skin, which is part of the Marvel theme of Season 4.

The trophy can be found near Dirty Docks located in the map’s H4. You must go to the bottom part of the Dirty Docks, where an isolated building is sitting at the southern pier.
Players can easily spot it from the air, using a glider. You need to find the best door, which is facing the sea. Once you’re inside the building, another door directly in front of you will appear. After entering the room, you’ll see a wooden box placed at the bottom of a shelves set.

You need to smash it open to get Wolverine’s Trophy. The “Wolverine’s Trophy Bling” will be given to you, required to be worn for the rest of the match. It will go back to its place once the game is over.

Another Week 3 Challenge’s task is finding Panther’s Prowl, located just west of Misty Meadows. The giant Black Panther statue, which Fortnite dedicates to the late Chadwick Boseman, can be easily seen in the E7 area of the island.

However, before visiting the location, you need to own the current battle pass. Once you acquire it, the challenge will be easy since you don’t need to use, activate, or kill anything. But, if you’ll be going to Panther’s Prowl on foot, you need to build a ramp up to the plateau where the giant statue is located, making it a little more challenging since you’ll be an easy target.

The best way to visit it is by skydiving out a match directly down to Panther’s Prowl. Once you successfully landed at its base, the challenge will be completed. 

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Written by: Giuliano de Leon.

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