Forget about the headphones! Sony has unveiled its new WEARABLE speaker.


Forget about the headphones! Sony has unveiled its new WEARABLE speaker.

SONY has released the SRS-NB10, a wearable speaker that attaches to your neck and blasts music into your ears while you walk around the house. Here’s everything you need to know.

If you despise wearing headphones, Sony may have the ideal – if not the most bizarre – answer for you. The SRS-NB10 speaker, which users really wear, has been announced by the Japanese technology corporation. That’s right, you read that accurately. This ingenious contraption attaches itself to your shoulders and blasts music directly into your ears.

If you’re concerned about how that will sound, Sony is convinced that you’ll be impressed because it has included a full-range speaker unit that is pointed upwards to optimize the sounds for your ears alone.

There’s also some great bass, and the tech firm claims that even at low volumes, things should sound good.

In addition to blasting out your favorite playlists, the SRS-NB10 can connect to two devices at once, allowing you to simply switch from a music player to your laptop. That means your next zoom call should be crisp and audible. Another advantage is that, according to Precise Voice Pickup Technology, folks on the other end of the connection should be able to hear you.

Two high-quality directional (beam-forming) microphones are used in conjunction with modern audio signal processing to reduce feedback and echoes.

Because you won’t want to use this wearable speaker when it’s hooked into the power, Sony has included a 20-hour battery.

It’s also splash-proof to IPX4 standards. That doesn’t mean you can wear it in the shower, but it should be fine if it gets wet while you’re doing the dishes. Finally, it’s coated in fabric to keep it comfortable, and you may choose from white or charcoal grey to complement your style.

If the idea of wearing a speaker around your neck doesn’t sound completely insane, the Sony SRS-NB10 will be available in September 2021 for around €150 (nearly £130).


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