For trailers and RVs, electric automobiles have “little or no towing capability.”


For trailers and RVs, electric automobiles have “little or no towing capability.”

According to Which?, drivers who buy an electric car may not be able to tow caravans or RVs.

Most electric automobiles, according to experts, “have little or no towing capability,” which could jeopardize some summer plans. With foreign vacations no longer an option, staycations are expected to become more popular in 2021.

Owners of the UK’s newest cars, on the other hand, may find themselves entirely stranded.

Which? isn’t all doom and gloom, either. Some vehicles, such as the Tesla Model X, are towable and may be utilized for summer road excursions.

“Most new and old electric cars have little or no towing capacity, though there are early hints that this is changing,” they stated.

“Only eight of the 54 electric vehicles we’ve examined so far (54 different motors across 39 different models) had any form of towing capability.

“The Tesla Model X has the highest towing capacity of any vehicle we’ve tested in the lab.

“As a rough example, the present version has a maximum braked towing capacity of up to 2,250kg, which should be enough to tow a four-berth caravan.”

Drivers who do not have an official towing capability “must not attempt” to tow anything, according to Which?, or face fines.

“You must not attempt to tow with your car if it does not have an official towing capacity,” they advised.

“If your vehicle has a towing capability, you must not exceed it.

“If you do, you could be charged with operating a vehicle in a dangerous condition, which could result in a fine of up to £2,500, three penalty points on your license, or even a complete ban from driving.”

The main reason electric vehicles can’t pull trailers, according to Driving Electric, is because they lack type approval.

Firms must determine whether or not to approve the automobiles for towing during the manufacturing process, according to them, which is not the case in most cases.

There are some valid reasons for this, according to Driving Electric. The first has to do with an electric car’s weight.

“Because of their large batteries, they already weigh more than identical petrol or diesel-powered versions.

“The added weight of the caravan or trailer would have an impact on items like the brakes; they would be less effective and may struggle to cope.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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