For the third year in a row, Sony has won several of the Game of the Year awards


The Game of the Year is ultimately a subjective matter.

Fellow editor Stephen Tailby claimed that it was Visions that this writer considered The Last of Us: Part II was the best game of 2020.

It’s just a matter of opinion. They’re both fantastic games. Nevertheless, the general consensus is that in recent years, Sony has been on an upswing.

The Japanese giant has received the most awards for a single title in the last three years, according to the popular site, Game of the Year Picks, which puts together all the award winners from around the world.

The criteria of the web is that it accepts only professional publications with different editors. It also opposes places like Nintendo Life that are single-format.

Either way, The Last of Us: Part II received a total of 134 Game of the Year awards in 2020, according to the website – leaving its closest rival, Hades, well behind with 36 awards. Third place went to the Ghost of Tsushima, with 20 awards in all. It’s the third year in a row that, following Death Stranding in 2019 and God of War in 2018, a Sony-published exclusive game has received the most awards.

That speaks, of course, not only to the quality of the internal studios and partners of PlayStation, but also to the quality of its management pipeline. Technology such as this does not only grow on trees, and over the past 10 years, Sony has been something of a first-party publishing powerhouse. The company plans to release four games in a row, with “Horizon Forbidden West” and “God of War: Ragnarok” both planned for 2021.


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