For ‘not good enough’ frost on car headlights, drivers might risk a £100 punishment.


For ‘not good enough’ frost on car headlights, drivers might risk a £100 punishment.

To avoid a £100 fine, drivers are being asked to clean ice from their headlights this week in preparation for colder weather.

According to the RAC, drivers who have their car in a “hazardous condition” might be fined £60. Additionally, if snow, ice, or moisture remains on any windows, lights, or anything else that could fall into the path of another car, fines may be issued.

According to Rule 229 of the Highway Code, drivers should clear any snow and ice from their windows and lights before driving in the winter.

As the weather grows colder, drivers need to be able to see, therefore they must clean all snow and ice from their windows.

The Highway Code includes photographs of a driver who is legally driving with their entire windscreen cleared.

Another image depicts a partially cleared windscreen with majority of the screen still covered in frost, which is unlawful.

“You must ensure that lights are clean and number plates are clearly visible and readable,” the Highway Code mandates.

“Make sure the mirrors are clear and the windows are fully cleaned before you leave.”

“Remove any snow that may fall into the path of oncoming traffic.”

“Make sure your intended route is free of delays and that there are no more snowfalls or severe weather forecasts.”

A fixed penalty notice may be issued to drivers who are caught driving with a broken or frost-covered light.

This will usually set you back between £50 and £100.

Lawtons’ Stephen Halloran commented on the possibility of obtaining a fine this winter for frost-covered lights.

“You normally have 28 days to pay it, and the fee is sometimes lowered if you pay within 14 days,” he explained.

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“If you do not resolve the situation after 28 days and a second warning, you may be prosecuted, which could result in higher fines and court expenses.”

“If a broken light – or any flaw – is discovered to be a contributory factor in an accident, charges of careless or hazardous driving might be enhanced.”

Drivers are also asked to completely remove any snow or frost from their vehicles. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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