For historic car owners, the introduction of new e-fuels could offer a lifeline.


For historic car owners, the introduction of new e-fuels could offer a lifeline.

Instead of outlawing petrol and diesel cars, classic car specialists have encouraged the government to consider adopting synthetic e-fuels to minimize emissions.

The Historic and Classic Vehicle Association’s Malcolm McKay claimed the government was in danger of moving toward “mass electrification,” which would impact older vehicles. He further claims that this was a “expensive program” that could turn out to be a “big disaster.”

Synthetic green fuels, on the other hand, could be the most viable solution and could help protect older automobiles.

He claimed that new e-fuels would provide a lifeline to historic vehicle owners, allowing them to keep driving vintage vehicles.

“The UK is in grave danger of plunging headlong into a blind alley of mass electrification,” he stated.

“E-fuels, when combined with green generation, have the potential to be carbon-neutral and are the most practical solution for aircraft, ships, and long-haul trucks,” he added.

“They provide a feasible alternative for developing countries with aging car fleets and insufficient electricity infrastructure.

“They also give vintage automobiles a chance to live.”

It comes after several classic car owners abandoned their vehicles owing to concerns over the Givenrt’s move toward electrification.

Classic automobile owners are now required to pay daily fees to operate their vehicles as a result of new Clean Air Zones and London’s ULEZ expansion.

Some owners are also afraid that the September launch of E10 fuel would result in a decrease in the amount of E5 available for purchase.

Many historic automobile owners may find themselves unable to maintain their vehicles and keep them on the road as a result of this.

In addition, the government is offering a slew of additional electrification pledges to entice drivers to make the transition.

It’s Kwik Fits’ Midsommer Madness promotion, which means you can save 10% on your MOT Test with the UK’s #1 MOT tester if you book online.

To fulfill their 2050 net-zero carbon target, they have committed to stop selling new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

The government has also vowed to look into an HGV sales ban in the current Transport Decarbonisation Plan.

Thousands of new charging stations will also be installed in houses to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

The HCVA, according to Mr McKay, will strive to combat “false messaging that petrol and diesel cars are wicked.”


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