Following tonight’s Euro 2020 semi final, England fans may face fines and points for driving.


Following tonight’s Euro 2020 semi final, England fans may face fines and points for driving.

Following tonight’s highly anticipated Euro 2020 semi-final clash with Denmark, England fans could face fines and penalty points.

The match is likely to be watched by millions of people at home, in pubs, and restaurants. However, experts from the driving industry have warned that if a number of safeguards are not taken, drivers may face penalties.

Swinton Insurance experts have cautioned that when fans celebrate England’s victory or drown their sorrows after tonight’s game, the number of drunk driving offenses may rise.

According to data from Road Safety GB, there was a spike in drink and drug-related injuries during and after England’s Euro 2016 matches.

Drunk and drug-related injuries increased from 6% to 8% of all traffic injuries.

The number of drink-drive accidents resulting in serious injuries has also increased from 8% to 19%.

Swinton Insurance’s Head of Product, Sam Dawson, asked fans to be “mindful” of their alcohol consumption or find alternate transportation after the game.

“Euro 2020 is an exciting time for all football fans, especially after a difficult few of years for the United Kingdom,” he remarked.

“However, with all the excitement of football returning home, many of us drink more than usual, resulting in an increase in alcohol-related offenses.

“It’s critical to urge individuals attending tonight’s festivities to think about how they plan to get home.”

“We want to remind drivers that any level of alcohol in your bloodstream can impair your driving skills and put you at risk of causing an accident,” he continued.

“Driving necessitates the ability to concentrate, make sound decisions, and react rapidly to changing circumstances. However, alcohol impairs these abilities, placing you and others in danger.”

Drivers who travel with an England flag on their car ahead of today’s game risk being fined up to £1,000.

Flags can impede drivers’ visibility of the road and prevent them from detecting incoming hazards, despite the fact that there is no formal restriction.

Wear England’s official football kit to help them bring home the trophy in this year’s Euros.

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Many motorists, according to Graham Conway, general manager of Select Car Leasing, would not have a problem with a flag.

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