Following an uptick in scams that block accounts, WhatsApp users issued an urgent warning.


Following an uptick in scams that block accounts, WhatsApp users issued an urgent warning.

A warning has been given to WhatsApp users about a new wave of fraud attempts that can lock people out of their accounts.

Police have issued the latest WhatsApp warning, claiming that they have detected a “surge” in accounts being hacked. Cyber criminals acting as a contact’s friend ask for a key six-digit security code to be given to them, which can result in WhatsApp users being easily restricted from accessing their accounts. This scam has been going on for a time, with this website previously reporting on the dangers of the WhatsApp hoax.

All cyber criminals need is the phone number of the WhatsApp subscriber they want to target to start the scam.

Scammers can then contact WhatsApp directly, pretending the phone is theirs and claiming the account has been compromised, using this crucial account identification.

Scammers must next deceive the person who got the message to send the security code to them, as WhatsApp will transmit a six-digit code to the number.

If a potential victim falls for this trick, their WhatsApp account may be hijacked by cyber criminals, who may then attempt to defraud the account’s connections for further information or money.

A number of police departments in the UK have issued fraud warnings, including Southwark Police, which tweeted, “We have witnessed an increase in WhatsApp accounts being hacked, if you are received a text from WhatsApp with a code on it, don’t share the code with ANYONE no matter who’s asking, or the reason why.”

On its website, WhatsApp provides official instructions to help users avoid falling victim to such scams.

Users should never share verification numbers with anyone, even friends and relatives, according to the Facebook-owned messaging service.

“You should never share your WhatsApp SMS verification code with others, not even friends or family,” the market-leading messaging app advised. If you’ve been duped into providing your code and you’ve lost access to your WhatsApp account, follow the steps below to get it back.

“Notify family and friends if you suspect someone else is using your WhatsApp account because this person could impersonate you in chats and groups. Please remember that WhatsApp communications are stored on your smartphone and are end-to-end encrypted, so anyone accessing your account on another device cannot see your history.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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