Following a warning from the Department for Transport, caravan owners may be stopped more frequently.


Following a warning from the Department for Transport, caravan owners may be stopped more frequently.

According to the Department of Transport, caravan owners may be stopped more frequently when going on staycation holidays (DfT).

According to the Department for Transport’s trailer Safety Report, there is a “low level of compliance” when it comes to trailer and caravan safety. They went on to say that this was a “cause for concern,” and that “additional stops” were expected to ensure that drivers were safe.

According to the report, the checks would be especially targeted during the summer months to ensure that drivers were safe.

“The lack of compliance of light trailers while halted is cause for concern,” it noted.

“There will be more thought given to expanding the types of data included in this study, such as additional caravan stops during the summer months to monitor compliance rates and the collecting of incident-related data.”

According to the recently issued Trailer Safety Study, trailer flaws are not a major cause of road-related injury events.

However, almost half of the light O2 trailers randomly halted – those with a gross weight of between 750kg and 3,500kg – were non-compliant.

In fact, “immediate prohibitions” were found in 19% of light trailers.

These are issues that are so harmful that they must be repaired before they can be used again.

In comparison, almost 20% of larger trailers stopped by authorities were determined to be non-compliant.

Only 5% of the larger trailers had “immediate prohibitions” that needed to be repaired right away.

According to the DfT analysis, mandatory testing of light trailers could save roughly £2.2 million per year in terms of safety.

Despite probable safety issues, the DVJSA had “limited” powers to stop trailers and caravans on the road, according to the report.

“The DVSA’s remit in terms of stopping non-commercial vehicles for checks is restricted, but enforcement practices linked to light commercial trailers will be reviewed,” they stated.

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“It is crucial to emphasize, however, that the DVSA’s core responsibility is to bigger, commercial vehicles and combinations, where the consequences of events and failures are more often severe.”

Based on prior roadside tests, the DVSA claimed that roughly 17% of all caravans were unsafe earlier this year.

Between September 12019 and January 2021, the department recorded over 2,200 caravan and trailer inspections.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” according to the DVSA.


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