Fans of Harry Potter express their hopes and dreams for Hogwarts’ legacy


Hogwarts Legacy is by far one of the most awaited PlayStation 5 games here for 2021, with three editorial team members calling themselves nerds of Harry Potter. So it’s something of a dream project, and the same can be said by those who are part of the Reddit community built around the game. So far, almost 20,000 witches and wizards have joined the page, and many are sharing what they hope the game will contain.

As the ability to mount hippogriffs already seems to be a thing, according to the announcement trailer, user darthgator23 hopes to see rideable dragons. “I just think it would be awesome. Imagine cruising over Hogwarts/Hogsmead on a dragon. Sure there would be limitations, but come on! A dragon!” In the meantime, HarryTriangles needs a very elaborate method of choosing a wand that would involve answering lore-based questions. After all, “The wand chooses the wizard,” Then SnooObjections6638 brings in the theme of romance, with the ability to form a friendship with another witch or wizard. It’s also good to see that, as Hogwarts Legacy will deal with underage students, this question was raised responsibly.

With fresh powers and spells to unlock, the user tvnzim goes a step further and builds his own skill tree. They claim that the runic nature of Cal Kestis’ upgrade divisions will also suit the setting of Hogwarts Legacy, based on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. a skill tree for hogwarts legacy/What do you think about these thoughts? Can you intend them to become part of the actual game, or are they meant to remain fan fiction for the moment? In the comments below, share your thoughts.


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