Fall Guys Adds Red Panda Costume as Valentine’s Day Gift for One Fan


With romance on everyone’s minds today, it’s nice to see a game express love for its fanbase.

After being worn down by one determined fan, Fall Guys has added a long-requested outfit to the in-game store as a holiday treat.

Let me tell you about @TinoTheDunce…Every day, for the last 165 days, they have tweeted at us asking for us to add Red Pandas to Fall GuysThis one’s for them 🙌 pic.twitter.com/IsNKRLotPd— Fall Guys ⚡️ Season 3.5 (@FallGuysGame) February 14, 2021
After months of pestering, Twitter user TinoTheDunce has finally been granted their wish of a red panda costume.

The outfit is available to all players, and will set you back a total of 2,000 Kudos for both the top and bottom parts.

So, there you have it. Bother the Fall Guys community team enough and they might add your requested outfit to the game. We wonder if they’d consider a costume?


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