Failure to maintain the towbar, caravan owners advised, may result in “terrible calamity.”


Failure to maintain the towbar, caravan owners advised, may result in “terrible calamity.”

Caravan owners have been advised that failing to repair their vehicle’s towbar on a regular basis could result in “catastrophe.”

Despite the risks, Adrian Parry-Jones, specialist at Witter Towbars, noted that owners “do not undertake” checks on the tool. Towbars, he said, should be checked “as thoroughly as the rest of the car,” because the “potential for calamity is enormous.”

“In terms of tow-bars, for high towers, we recommend tow-bars be checked every 500 miles or certainly examined manually,” he told this publication.

“That is something that isn’t being done, and we can see it, so we can’t emphasize it enough.

“People are purchasing automobiles that have towbars that haven’t been used in years.

“Something is expected to pull [large weights].”

“You may technically travel up to 3,500 kilos on a B license, but it’s never been tested or checked.

“I believe it is critical to emphasize that this is a tool that requires the same level of maintenance and service as the rest of the car.

“The potential for disaster is enormous.”

Drivers who fail to maintain the part or travel with a malfunctioning towbar may be fined.

Any equipment used with a trailer or caravan, according to GOV.UK, must be utilized correctly and meet particular safety criteria.

If this is not followed, drivers may face a £2,500 fine or three penalty points for operating a vehicle in an unsafe condition.

Motorists may be subjected to a temporary driving ban under certain circumstances.

Caravan Guard experts agreed that towbars should be checked before embarking on long excursions.

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Towbars, on the other hand, would require “minimal maintenance” in most cases, they verified.

“Regular inspection and maintenance will help you get the most out of your towbar’s performance and life,” they claimed.

“To remove oil or other debris, wipe the towball with thinners, white spirit, or brake cleaner.


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