Facebook has banned the developer of the ‘Unfollow Everything’ tool for interfering with user interaction on the site.


Facebook has banned the developer of the ‘Unfollow Everything’ tool for interfering with user interaction on the site.

(Picture courtesy of Pexels/Pixabay) Facebook application Facebook has permanently barred a developer from using his or her tool on the platform. The developer created a program that allows users to automatically unfollow friends and groups on the network.

Unfollow Everything Developer is Banned on Facebook

In a piece for Slate, Louis Barclay, the creator and developer of the “Unfollow Everything” application, spoke about his experience with the service.

He described the sensation of unfollowing everything as “near-miraculous,” adding that he had gained nothing because he could still see his favorite groups and friends by going directly to them.

Barclay said that he had regained control of his account since he was no longer tempted to browse the News Feed.

He also stated that the amount of time he spent on Facebook had significantly dropped, and that his addiction to the site had become manageable.

Users can erase the contents of their News Feed with the “Unfollow Everything” tool, which is a browser extension. According to The Verge, it allows individuals to unfollow all of their relationships at once.

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Users can unfollow their friends, groups, and even pages independently on the platform. Their content is removed from the News Feed. The process was automated, and the user’s News Feed was promptly cleared.

Facebook announced earlier this year that users will be able to modify their News Feed.

Letter of Cease-and-Desist

According to TechSpot, Facebook responded by sending Barclay a cease-and-desist letter a few months ago, alleging that he had violated the platform’s terms of service by developing software that automated user interactions.

According to Barclay, his Facebook and Instagram accounts were permanently erased by the social media firm.

He was also obliged to agree that he would never design tools that would have an impact on the platform or its other services.

In addition to assisting users, Barclay’s application was used by researchers at the Swiss University of Neuchatel to investigate the impact of the News Feed on users’ mental health and happiness. He stated he couldn’t risk going to court with the corporation, so he took the tool away.

Barclay’s story has surfaced just as Facebook is dealing with yet another internal problem.

Facebook’s whistleblower, Frances Haugen, testified before Congress this week about the company’s need for “growth” at the expense of its users’ well-being.

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