Facebook Cross-Posting to Instagram: Personal Accounts’ Status Updates to IG Posts Are Now Being Tested


Facebook is going to introduce a new feature soon, but for now, it remains under testing to selected groups of people that would cross-post Status Updates with videos and images to their Instagram feed. This may not be a new feature per se as it is available on the Business Suite and Creator Studio, but for personal accounts, this is a fairly new one.

Before this, Instagram can cross-post to Facebook, a.k.a. the feature that posts IG captions and media to a connected Facebook account. That is one nifty feature, but it was not available for the opposite or the other way around coming from Facebook.

The cross-posting relationship is something that Facebook and Instagram share, particularly with the Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger’s conversations for cross messaging.

Facebook Cross-Post to Instagram Feed

The cross-posting relationship was thought to be a nuisance at first, but now it is a nifty feature that would avoid copy-pasting captions and editing the alignment as well as tags for another platform. What does that mean? It means that any status updates or posts with media on Facebook would automatically post on one’s linked Instagram account and their respective feeds.

Tech Crunch reports that Facebook said that it has been working on this particular feature to come for the social media but has not exactly rolled it out for the public. It is on selected trial for now, and it would be testing the waters for the feature to work, and if the feedback is good, it would be added for a wider release for all users.

Cross-posting was a feature by the social media companies that would automatically post content to another platform, and it is most popular with Facebook. This is because the company is known for its ownership of the many social media platforms that make this relationship and process to be available and seamless.

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Facebook’s New Feature: When Is It Available?

The new feature of Facebook remains unknown for its release date, but when it comes, it would be available for people to cross-post Facebook status posts that have videos or images directly to Instagram.

The big blue social media company said that it would be helping in making the process seamless and easy, as well as posting it instantaneously on one’s feed. Nevertheless, Facebook would also focus on. Brinkwire Summary News.


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