Expert advice on how to save money on car maintenance in 2022.


Expert advice on how to lower the cost of owning and operating a car in 2022.


With the cost of living steadily rising over the last year, any extra cash is always welcome.

Because owning and operating a car can be costly, experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have compiled five cost-cutting tips for 2022.

Maintaining a car is one of the most expensive aspects of owning one.

Services and MOTs can come with a slew of unanticipated high costs.

It’s critical not to skip any required services because this causes the vehicle to wear out faster, resulting in higher costs.

It’s critical to take the car to a reputable mechanic who can vouch for the manufacturer’s parts.

If you don’t, and your vehicle is fitted with unapproved parts, you may face even higher costs.

The way you drive has an impact on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and wear and tear.

To avoid harsh braking, try driving at a steady speed to reduce acceleration and gradually slowing down when coming to a stop.

When not in use, turn off the air conditioning and, if you have a manual transmission, drive in the highest gear possible without overworking the engine.

When purchasing or renewing car insurance, it is critical to shop around and compare options from a variety of providers to determine which offers the best value for money.

It is important to check online before renewing a current insurance plan with a provider because it is frequently possible to find a better deal elsewhere.

Any offer can then be used against a current provider as leverage.

Paying for parking via an app is becoming more convenient as the use of cash declines and the use of mobile and card payments rises.

Most parking lots will now allow you to pay online, allowing you to choose an exact time and add to it if necessary.

This reduces the chances of receiving a parking ticket for failing to return to the car within the time allotted.

Depending on the location, apps can also be used to locate cheap parking spaces.

Cleaning a car is a chore for many people, especially as the weather gets colder and cars become muddier and dirtier.

Cleaning the car yourself, on the other hand, will not only save you around £100 per year, but will also give you the opportunity to keep an eye on things.

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