Every time they turn left out of their home, the enraged couple must pay £12.50 – ‘disgusting.’


Every time they turn left out of their house, the enraged couple must pay £12.50 – ‘disgusting.’

A COUPLE has been left fuming after being forced to pay the £12.50 London car tax every time they leave their driveway.

George and Vera Dowler live in Eltham, on the outskirts of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), and they were hit with a charge every time they drove their older cars past the traffic lights near their home after the ULEZ was expanded at the end of October.

George said he spent “nearly £40,000” on new vehicles as a result of the extension.

Vera, his wife, has been forced to park her older car around the corner at her workplace garage because it does not meet the ULEZ emissions standards.

The couple has lived in their home in South East London for over 30 years, but after the rules changed, they found themselves right on the ULEZ boundary.

Their house is on the border, but they would face a charge if they turned left past the cameras and traffic lights and toward the nearby roundabout.

“[Sadiq Khan] has cost me nearly £40,000 in motors,” George explained.

“I had to buy a car and pay £7,000 for a new van that isn’t any better than the one we currently have.”

“I have a perfectly good van that can travel 5,000 miles per year, but a van that meets these emissions can travel 100,000 miles.”

Is it me or he who pollutes the air more?

“It’s all about the money,” says the narrator.

The air would be exactly the same if people were willing to keep driving their old cars, so it’s all about money.

“How is the air here different from the air on the other side of the traffic lights?”

“Also, like thousands of other people, I grew up surrounded by lorries and fumes.

I’m 72 years old and still in good shape.

“It can’t be the air; it has to be the food that people eat.”

It’s just that I don’t understand everything.

“If they want to use it on the other side of the roundabout, I’ve got a perfectly good van.”

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“It’s still good for another ten years, and they can use it.”

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