‘EU rubbish!’ New EU speed limiters planned to be implemented in the United Kingdom are a ‘attack on freedom.’


‘EU rubbish!’ New EU speed limiters planned to be implemented in the United Kingdom are a ‘attack on freedom.’

According to Express readers, new EU speed limiters, which might be imposed in the UK as early as next year, are a “attack on our freedoms.”

Despite the fact that the UK has already left the European Union, the new limiters are likely to be introduced in July 2022. When a motorist exceeds the speed limit, the system will issue audible and visual warnings, which may be turned off at any time.

However, the gadget may be able to limit engine power in the future to prevent drivers from infringing traffic laws.

Readers have questioned the wording of the existing Brexit arrangement and if the UK has truly left EU authority as a result of the new instrument.

Some have complained that the instruments are “not what was voted for” and that the EU continues to “dictate” to the UK.

“I thought we left the EU to escape these assaults on our freedom?” wrote Express reader XPQR.

“They should be banned or at the very least disabled in the UK,” another reader remarked.

“This is not what was voted for, it is a perversion of democracy, which is of course the EU way,” StopEU continued.

“It’s ridiculous that we’re still being dictated to, or taking on board, the EU’s agenda,” June Ward remarked.

“Can you tell me why we’re doing this? It’s insane and will wreak havoc.” Others have claimed that the new instruments will cause “severe accidents” and possibly deadly accidents since drivers will be unable to flee danger fast.

Reader WorldWatcher speculated that drivers may not be able to take “proactive action” to avoid collisions and wondered who would be held accountable after an accident.

“Ignoring the fact that the UK Government is allowing the EU to meddle in yet another area of UK national interest,” he stated, “my question is whether this’speed limiter’ will be the cause of major accidents, including deaths?”

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“As a driver, there have been numerous’real life’ occasions where I have had to put my ‘foot to the pedal’ to avoid colliding with another vehicle throughout the years.”

Others stated they would never be exposed to the new tool and that it could even cause them to “give up driving” as a result of it.

While some remained enthusiastic about the new technology, others were pessimistic. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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