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Epic Games Gives Free Valentine’s Day Access to Two of Their Biggest Games of 2020

Epic Games Store that brought Fortnite and Infinity Blade just released another set of their weekly free game access to their players starting on Thursday, Feb. 13, up to next Thursday, Feb. 20, available at 4 pm GMT/8 am PST.

Epic Games Store has now announced this week’s giveaways, which are the two of their biggest free games of the year 2020: the solid action-adventure RPG-based Kingdom Come: Deliverance video game and 2017’s unique hybrid strategy and action game called Aztez.

These games will be replacing the Epic Games last week’s free digital board games called Carcasonne and Ticket to Ride.

This week might also be a great celebration of Valentine’s Day as Epic Games simultaneously released multiple games for this week, which is an unusual treat for all Epic Games players out there. So, are you ready to find out which game you would be interested in playing for Valentine’s Day?

If you’ve already played Epic Games’ story-driven open-world RPG game called Kingdom Come: Deliverance back in 2018you would know how epic this video game was to all gamers who love adventures set up in Holy Roman Empire.

The game will focus on the storyline of Henry, a son of a blacksmith. He was the only survivor of a horrible massacre done to his family. Players will have to play as Henry and avenge the death of his family against the ones that killed them. Aside from that, players will also have to strategize their way to win against other troops in order to protect their kingdom from invading forces.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance received praises and a number of positive reviews from Game of the Year Awards in 2018, and players can now get to play it for free for straight 50-hour gaming.

If you’re interested in playing a unique but wild video game for Valentine’s Day, you would love to check out Epic Games’ another free epic game called Aztez. 

Aztez was released in Aug. 2017 by Epic Games. This game is set up on the bloody empire of Aztec, wherein players can fight using sword, spear, knife, and club. Aztez is really unique compared to other video games, as this is color-graded with grayscale to give more attention to the red color blood once players kill Spanish invaders.

Since Epic Games is making a charitable program for all its players with its weekly free access games, the company already said its next free video game after Aztez and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, another excellent game is up for grabs called Faeria.

“Faeria is a beautiful and strategic Card Game that gives players the ability to shape the board with lands to create mind-blowing strategies,” as mentioned on Faeria’s website.

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