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Elon Musk Rejects Sandy Munro’s Call for Help on 3-Wheeled Electric Vehicle from Tesla—’Not Safe Enough’ for Production

Tesla and Chief Executive Officer, Elon Musk, is not shy to collaborate and work with other companies to give the world new technology and innovations. However, a recent tweet about Sandy Munro asking the ‘Tesla guys’ to hear him out gets rejected by none other than big boss, Elon Musk, in 3-Wheel Vehicle development on Twitter. The Tesla CEO seems uninterested in the collaboration and even considers it unsafe, turning it down cold.

CEO Elon Musk and Tesla recently received a video greeting and invitation from Sandy Munro, a famed engineer known for his manufacturing consulting firm, that asks for a collaboration and business venture to develop a 3-Wheeled electric vehicle. However, Musk seems not to be interested in the craft.

Sandy Munro’s video surfaced from a fan who then relayed it to Elon Musk, tagging him in a tweet that caught the CEO’s attention. Despite the engaging and welcoming video that gives Tesla a new opportunity for a business venture, Elon Musk seems uninterested and doubts the vehicle’s safety.

Elon Musk and Tesla have produced multiple vehicles and designs that all have four wheels, with the Tesla Semi to be the only exception as it will haul massive-loads of cargo. Tesla and Musk’s company focuses on giving stability with the four-wheeled vehicles; that is why most of their vehicles are on the ‘car’ platform.

The eccentric CEO is known to reject the idea of an electric motorcycle manufactured by the clean energy company, Tesla, due to safety concerns. Top Speed’s report on Elon Musk’s e-motorcycle venture completely rules it out on Tesla’s line-up.

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A tweet by a user named ‘ALEX’ (@ajtourville) shows a clip of the famous Sandy Munro that asks Tesla to ‘hear’ him out regarding his electric vehicle innovation. However, the proposed vehicle has three-wheels and will be a single-seater ride. The Twitter user tagged Elon Musk by mentioning him in the tweet and speculating whether he’s heard Munro’s request.

Elon Musk (@elonmusk) noticed the tweet, and his response was not something expected of him. Musk, being Tesla’s representative, rejected the idea of the three-wheeled vehicle, saying that the company does not support it. He also adds that those types of cars are not safe enough to ride and be made by Tesla.

There are no responses yet from Sandy Munro’s side and team. However, this means that the project would be scrapped, following the CEO’s rejection. Sandy Munro is known to be a Tesla critic with several videos against the company’s technologies and innovations.

Sandy Munro’s YouTube Channel has 77 thousand subscribers with a massive 6 million views from the audience. The channel is called ‘Munro Live’ and claims that the host himself, Sandy Munro, is an expert in engineering and technology.

Munro’s YouTube Channel has a wide variety of Tesla reviews and critics, including his recent study about Tesla’s Battery Day presentation.

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Written by Isaiah Alonzo

Sandy Munro, who is he?

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